Pink Sugar Cake and even more Obsession


So as I'ver shared with you, not only is cooking 'savory' and 'sweet' dishes become my obsession, but so had baking and decorating cakes.  This is my 3rd fondant convered cake and I am very proud of her.

Bolanger, Bygan, Eggplant?


So I have to admit that even though I loved when my mom and granny cooked this dish (known as bolanger..pronounced Bow-Lan-Gee or Bah-Lan-J) when I started cooking this dish on my own, the fascination was lost. For some reason, I could never get it quite like mom and grannys. I have later found that it was because #1, I never squeezed the seeds out properly and thus my dislike for the seedy stew and #2, I always UNDER cooked or OVER cooked the vegetable and #3, I never got the quality of the vegetable because of the combinations of seasonings or lack there of used.

In Search of Banga Mary


What is Banga Mary you ask? Well, if you've never had this fish, you're surely missing out. On our Easter trip to Guyana last year, after we went to fly kites with the kids on the seawall, I promptly instructed Mike to stop at the Fish Shop on the way back. I got a few boxes of Fish and Chips to take home so that everybody could have some.

Cupcake Pops say Whattt?


So as I was blog browsing one day, I stumbled on and O.M.Geeee! I ended up staying on that site for about an hour. During this time I was communicating with my bff at work on a messenger tool that we have.  'So whatcha gonna cook tonight?' she asked. 'Girl, I think I want to make some cake pops!' I responded. 'What is that?' she asked. So I copied a picture from Bakerella's website and sent it to her. 'Those are so fabulous, are you baking tonight?' she asked. And with that question asked, I decided to head to Michael's that night and gather my supplies.