Cupcake Pops say Whattt?

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So as I was blog browsing one day, I stumbled on and O.M.Geeee! I ended up staying on that site for about an hour. During this time I was communicating with my bff at work on a messenger tool that we have.  'So whatcha gonna cook tonight?' she asked. 'Girl, I think I want to make some cake pops!' I responded. 'What is that?' she asked. So I copied a picture from Bakerella's website and sent it to her. 'Those are so fabulous, are you baking tonight?' she asked. And with that question asked, I decided to head to Michael's that night and gather my supplies.

If you're going to make these, visit Bakerella for ideas and step instructions. You will need everything pictured here and can find them between Kroger's and Michael's.
*Red Velvet cake mix, Cream Cheese Frosting, Candy Melts, Chocolate Bark, Sprinkles, Cookie Cutters, Small Ice Cream Scoop, Lollipop Sticks and a Styrofoam Block.

Now, although the instructions are simple and easy to follow, this ended up being a two day process for me as each of the steps can be quite time consuming and being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted it to look great. Imagine that my six year old had to say 'It doesn't have to be perfect mom. Nothing in life is perfect!' Where did she come from I asked myself...LOL So towards the end I relaxed and just did the best I could without being sloppy.

So after baking the cake, you let it cool, then crumble and mix with cream cheese, roll them into tablespoon sized balls :-). Let it cool in the fridge to speed up things a bit, then use the cookie cutters to make your cupcake molds. I did half in the cupcake shape and half as round balls.
I baked the cake and molded it on Wednesday and then I realized that I had a baby shower to attend at work on Friday. *Light bulb* Since Nia and I couldn't possibly eat 48 cake pops, why don't I just make them for the shower! *Bingo* I already knew her colors and ironically I had the right colored candy melts and candy bark.

So Thursday night when I got home, I took my balls :) out the fridge and started a mad dipping spree. They weren't difficult at all, just time consuming. Well needless to say, these cute petite cupcake bites were a hit. They were the talk of the baby shower! Some folks asked for the recipe and some asked if they could order a batch from me for future events. Wow, I had become a mini Bakerella overnight. I couldn't believe it! I also wrapped them in individual plastic candy bags that I grabbed from Michael's and how awesome they turned out.
The thing is, I'm not really a fan of boxed cakes, but these were delishhhh. I will be making designs for Easter and Mother's day this day. I cant wait. Be sure to visit Bakerella's site for more info.

***OOOOh, I almost forgot. This past Saturday, my girlfriend Karin and I went to Cake Art and walked up and down each and every aisle. Once we got to the register we were discussing Bakerella and the cashier said 'Bakerella? Oh, you guys just missed her, she just left about 20 minutes ago!' Our hearts be still. How emotionally upsetting was this news! We had been in that store for about 3 hours and we missed Bakerella!!! Oh Gosh. Very Upsetting, but there's always a next time*** Cheers!
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Anonymous said...

These pops look too good, humm wonder how it would be with white chocolate? Colors and presentation just spectacular.

Karin said...

I am still upset about the whole situation. lol...hurts my heart man.

MaSheddy said...

Yeah Karin. So painful...But as I said, There will be a next time :)

Bakerella said...

Sorry I missed ya at Cake Art. Cute pops.

MaSheddy said...

Thank you Bakerella! Hopefully we will have the opportunity again.

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